Open Golf Began on January 5, 2017

Every Thursday from the first of January until the end of March golfers participate in a golf “league” that is open to all residents and their guests. It is a good way to get outdoor exercise and meet very nice people. There are some golfers who are rather good and some who are just beginning but a handicap system that is used helps “duffers” to compete fairly. Click here for more information.

Consider Running for the CSA Board

There will be four open positions on the Board for next year; three are three-year terms and one is for one year. We need good people to stand for election to the Board. Please review the Board Candidate Information Sheet and complete the Board Candidate Application Form and deliver it to the office before 4:00 p.m. on February 3, 2017.

Click here for the CSA Board Code of Ethics.

Cookbooks Are In




We still have Bouchelle Island Cookbooks left. You can get them from any of the Social Committee or at the Clubhouse.

New Directory Is Available

The new Bouchelle Directory was distributed at the September CSA Board meeting. If you were not able to get one then, please stop in the office. They will still be available for “snow birds” when they get here.

New Complaint Form

When you, as a resident, observe a violation of our rules and regulations and wish to register a complaint, please use the new official Complaint Form rather than sending emails or making phone calls. You may obtain the form by clicking here or by visiting the CSA office. You may deliver the completed, signed form either by visiting the office or by sending the form as an email attachment. Each submitted form will receive a response. We hope by using the form we will be able to adequately respond to each complaint.

Recycling Tips

Recently, there have been issues with recycling. The workers will NOT sort through items. If there are several items in the bin that don’t belong – they will dump it in with the regular trash and all your efforts will be wasted.

Click here for recycling information you should know and follow to help make our efforts more successful.